Famous Wiltshire People Born In The 20th Century

  • Image result for Ian FlemingIan Fleming (1908-1964)

This author is famous for creating one of the most well known characters of all time – James Bond. The 007 spy appeared in 12 novels written by Fleming. Fleming also played a major role in the defence of Britain during World War 2. The writer is buried in the churchyard of Sevenhampton in Swindon.

  • William Golding (1911-1993)

Golding wrote the literary classic ‘The Lord Of Flies’ which stands as one of the most influential pieces of literature of the 20th century. It depicts a group of boys who are stranded on a tropical island. As they try to survive in isolation their primal natures take over and they descend into savagery. Golding loved Wiltshire and continued to live there for most of his life.

  • Michael Crawford (1942)

The actor and singer is most famous for his role as the clumsy Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em. The sitcom is well known for the death defying stunts performed by Crawford. He has also had an impressive stage career, playing the original Phantom of the Opera in the West End. Crawford spent much of his early years in the county of Wiltshire.

  • Sting (1951)

The Police singer has grown into one of the most recognisable musicians of all time. He has a sting of hit songs including Every Breath You Take, Englishman in New York and Fields of Gold. Many of his most well known songs were recorded at his Wiltshire home.

  • David Mitchell (1974)

One half of the double act of Mitchell and Webb, David Mitchell is a UK comedy heavyweight. He is perhaps best known for the dark comedy sitcom Peep Show. He is also often seen as a guest on game shows such as Would I Lie To You. He was born in the town of Salisbury.